Invite the CCFN educational team to present to your business, service club, faith based organization, classroom, or at your next event.  There is currently no fee for presentations but donations are greatly appreciated. Please complete the form at the bottom of the page for more information on the following presentations or to arrange a CCFN presentation for your group.

                                Presentations & Trainings Offered by CCFN

  • Consumer Response: This presentation will cover how we are all connected to the supply chains of modern day slavery and serves to help consumers identify and purchase ethically sourced products. A list of known local vendors who provide ethically sourced products will be provided.  
  • CSEC 101: As members of the SLO CSEC Collaborative we can schedule and present an overview of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. The CSEC collaborative will recommend co-presenters to tailor the presentation to the audience. This presentation is recommended for anyone working with youth!
  • Faith Based Response: This presentation will focus on the many ways in which faith based organizations can contribute to the fight against human trafficking and will provide ideas for collaborating with other agencies, as well as with CCFN. This presentation will also highlight faith based efforts around the state of CA that your organization may be interested in partnering with.
  • Group Activism: This presentation is ideal for classrooms or social clubs and is meant to act as a springboard for group mobilization. It will provide an overview of human trafficking with an emphasis on creative ideas for action.
  • Grace City App Tutorial: This presentation will showcase the Grace City App, how to register for it as an agency, and how to use it as a service provider or advocate. This can be added to any of the other presentations!
  • Human Trafficking 101: As members of the San Luis Obispo Human Trafficking Task Force we can schedule and present this overview of human trafficking which was developed by the education committee. This presentation includes local examples as well as local resources and will often be co-presented with advocates from Victim Witness.
  • Identify and Respond: This presentation is ideal for those working in transportation, code enforcement, and hospitality. This presentation will go in depth to cover identifying factors, reporting options, and local resources to offer to those who may be being trafficked. 
  • Shared Hope International's CHOSEN: A 22 minute screening of the documentary CHOSEN with facilitated discussion and Q&A. This presentation is ideal for parents, teachers, counselors, and those working with youth as it presents how traffickers attempt to recruit youth.
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